Monday, September 24, 2012

A Wonderful Freebie Site

Hi folks -

I talk a lot about being thankful for the little things, like the wonderful free stuff that pops up in my mailbox because I follow numerous Facebook pages and hear about offers for free samples and contests.  Cher at My Free Product Samples is a really fun blogger who posts all kinds of offers on her Facebook page and her blog.  She is genuinely excited to get free stuff and loves to share her passion with her readers and followers.  She runs a blog at that has tons of links to freebies, and has great offers and she often does awesome little contests that are flash giveaways or even just fun stuff to keep her readers interested.  You can sign up for her daily emails and get a round up of all the deals sent to your inbox.  She also loves a bargain and will post offers that she sees for inexpensive deals and bargain basement prices on sites for things like clothing and electronics.  She always tries to check out her offers to make sure they are the real deal and will try to fill out the forms to make sure they are legit freebies.  She even does super cute videos on Fridays called "Friday Freebies with Cher" where she shows you all the cool things you can find for free and posts links to them.  When she gets something awesome (like the iPad she won for being a top promoting Glyde ambassador) she shares the information on where you can sign up to try these things for yourself.  Thanks to her I am a BzzAgent and I have a great time trying products for that company.  It is worth your time to check her out.  Follow her Facebook page too and you can often get in on super fast limited time deals where you have to be one of the first 1000 people to sign up.  She posts them quick and I have gotten some super stuff like the 3oz. Eucerin lotion I got in the mail today.

On a personal note, I wish you all much love and I hope that you hug your folks today.  My mom and dad are both doing okay but are struggling with aging, Alzheimer's and their health.  I can't be there to hug them every day but I hope if you are anywhere near your family that you take this opportunity to tell them how much you care about them and give their neck an extra squeeze for me.

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