Monday, January 26, 2015

Rediscovering Polyvore

Back in 2012 I found a website called Polyvore where you could create clip art collections of fashion and beauty finds.  I'm not quite sure how I first came across it, but I remember thinking that it would've been invaluable to me when I was in grad school to research clothing pieces for  modern plays.  My favorite way to render was to make mood boards filled with photos of clothing I thought the character would have in their closet.  From those collages came the pieces that eventually made their way into the actors and the stage.

A few days ago I saw the app for Polyvore in the Android store.  It was free to download and I've been having a great time making collages and just looking at all the gorgeous shoes, clothes and accessories.  Although I'll never own the items that I clip for my boards since I always seem to gravitate toward the ridiculously expensive designer pieces, I really enjoy putting together collections.  If you have any interest in fashion, beauty or even interior design, there are easy tools to put together outfits, rooms and looks on their site.  They also run contests where your collection can be featured on the site and sometimes they give away gift cards to the stores that the clothes featured in the contest come from.  I entered one for American Horror Story Asylum when it premiered, it is always nice to see how other people create collections too, and you can follow people whose work you enjoy.

Here are a few of my older collections:

I'm excited about creating new ones!  Hope you're all gearing up for an awesome week.  


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  2. Hey, you should become familiar with the concept of linking in your blog posts. You are a sweet girl and your writing kept my inretest here for twenty min or so -what I'm saying is that you have a good thing going here and deserve to have more readers -and as such posts like this one especially should utilize links-at the very least- Wherever you have typed "polyvore" you should have linked to the site. And that is just the most basic first step in process. Anyways, good luck in your endeavours!